What does high school have to do with Occupy Wall Street?

The situation of high schoolers across the country is exactly the same as everyone else: We go to school everyday to learn that this country we’re living in is a democracy. Then we look around: What we see doesn’t match what we hear.

occupyhighschool.org is an index of HS Occupy movements around the country. We must work together if we work at all, and a unified background for each school’s particular action is important. An incomplete list of HS Occupations can be found under the SCHOOLS section of the site.

We aim to highlight the differences between legislation and reality, between rich and poor, lobbyist and citizen, student and consumer. We want to make it clear that the corporate takeover of civil institutions reaches down past our parents, past our teachers, and into our futures. Please read about our concerns and join the discussion at the bottom of every page, and tell everyone you know.

If you’re a student, teacher, or parent, please read and SIGN THE LETTER to add your name to the cause. We’ll add your high school to our list under SCHOOLS, and, once we’ve met our goal for signatures, we’ll be sending the letter to everyone who needs to get it: congress members, school boards, lunch pizza manufacturers…

On the site, you can

Talk to other high school students about problems touching us all

Sign a letter of protest and stand in solidarity with Occupy movements around the world

Print off posters and information sheets to distribute at your high school

Organize an Occupy movement for your school: Once you’ve signed the letter, your school’s name will be added to a list and we’ll link any Occupy High page you create back to it

Our concerns are those of Occupy Wall Street. Check out the movement’s

Principles of Solidarity

Statement of Autonomy

Declaration of the Occupation

Everyone has the Right to Occupy Space, Safely

Who are we?

Occupy High School is based in Chicago and is supported by Occupy Chicago. It is a nation-wide effort run by high school students, for high school students. Please get involved and use the site as your speech bubble–you fill it in. This site is meant to be the starting point.